Whats the best way to kill yourself without too much pain?

Answer your on this planet for a reason... even if you dont know what the reason is.... DONT KILL yourself. theres something your living for. and dont throw that away.

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How painful is root canal Whats the best way to feel no pain Is there any pill to kill pain b4 visiting Dr?

I had my first root canal about a year ago and I was terrified because everyone always says how painful they are. Honestly it really wasn't that bad. I had mine in one of my back teeth which has a ... Read More »

Im in alot of pain cuz of a deep cut on my finger, whats the best medicine to take the pain away?

Ibuprofen (Advil) is a good choice, but also, elevate your hand above the level of your heart. This will reduce swelling and lower the pressure within, lessening the pain.

How to Kill Spiders without Endangering Yourself?

Everyone has a spider encounter every so often. They're no fun either, especially if you have a phobia!Spider/Tarantula. Depending on were you live, the two types may vary. If you live in colder ar... Read More »

Is there a way to cut yourself without a big amount of pain?

Inner thigh would be pretty unseen, but it would hurt. Cutting will always hurt