What's the best way to keep crows out of my garden?

Answer Hang aluminum pie plates and streamers so that they blow in the wind, or use a scarecrow. But you have to keep moving the scarecrow cuz crows figure it out.

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Whats the best way to keep cats off of your garden?

You'll notice a common thread to the better answers you're receiving: Put a substance on the soil that irritates a cats sensitive nose. The most reliable such substances are orange, lemon or other ... Read More »

Whats digging in my garden?

Rats do make round holes but so do wood-mice.Both would be attracted by food you are giving your other pets & there may well be more than just the one you spotted.We had this problem when we fed wi... Read More »

My neighbour whos garden is higher than mine,leaves his garden hose on, and it floods my garden, help me pleas?

have you discussed this with him. he may not know and surely wouldnt like it if it happned to him..

How to Get Rid of Crows?

Crows are among the most intelligent and adaptable birds, and help humans by eating pesky insects and rodents and cleaning up road kill. However, they can also be a nuisance by tearing open trash, ... Read More »