What's the best way to keep bugs from entering my house and not overtaking my lawn this summer?

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Bugs That Are Attracted to House Light in the Summer?

People are typically outdoors more in the summertime and may notice bugs swarming near their porch lights. A variety of insects are attracted to light and often find their way indoors when the door... Read More »

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How do I stop ants from entering a house?

Ants serve an important function in nature, but in the house they are just pests. Primarily they enter the house looking for food, water and shelter. The best way to keep ants from entering is to d... Read More »

How to Keep Strong Cooking Smells from Entering the Whole House?

Some cooking odors have a habit of lingering and reaching all corners of the house, even to the point of causing the cook to shy away from certain foods and dishes. Examples of food and dishes that... Read More »