What's the best way to improve my typing speed?

Answer You're way faster than I am!Google / Yahoo search for:free typing tutor softwareThen practice, practice, practice!!!

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How to Improve Typing Speed?

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How to Improve Typing Skills?

Most workplaces feature the full spectrum of typists, from those who use finger at a time to speed demons who type 60 or more words per minute (wpm). If you're interested in becoming a faster typis... Read More »

How to Improve Your Typing With Music?

Want to learn to type faster, but all those typing programs are so boring? Typing to a song is a great way to improve in as little as a few minutes a day!

How to Improve Your Typing Skills With Games?

In today's highly computerized world, effective and efficient typing is a desirable skill to possess. While you may want to increase your typing skills, you likely do not want to engage in hours of... Read More »