What's the best way to go about getting glass out of my foot?

Answer OUCH! Okay, well first off, you should go to a doctor. (I feel obligated to say that)Next option - Once I was running across a pile of unfinished lumber and got a massive splinter (more like a stic... Read More »

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Whats your favourite movie about getting revenge?

Whats the best way to speed up my computerit is getting slow.?

if u are not sure how to clean al the rubbish file up,, then better download, some software that does it all,,,i wud recmmmend tuneup utilities,,this takes all the temp files, empties the space,, ... Read More »

What would happen if my foot becomes infected from the piece of glass in my foot. ?

holy crap people on this site get way too over dramatic with this stuff. CALM DOWN you don't need to get your foot amputated. if it were that bad your foot would be black by now and you wouldn't ... Read More »

Whats the best thing for getting blood stains out of a clownsuit?

Well you need to get rid of the evidence. Cut it into little pieces about 1 foot square. Put the pieces in a bag, dopn't forget the nose wig and shoes. Then go for a drive. Every few miles throw ou... Read More »