Whats the best way to get high besides weed?

Answer working out. I run and I get a high, Tai-chi before the run gives me a high.

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Whats another way to get high besides smoking weed?

you can smoke a paracetamol, just crush it into a power and put it into you smoke, or if you dont like to smoke, try a glass of 3 redbulls mixed with 3tablespoons of coffee n sugar, that will get y... Read More »

Whats the best method to wake up in the morning - besides coffee?

Forget coffee as it is an artificial stimulant and it's effect is short lived.When the alarm goes of get straight out of bed, no 5 minutes more. Wash or shower straight away with warm water and at ... Read More »

Besides Wikipedia, whats the best site for unbiased information?

wikipedia is not a good source!!!!!try

My lips are so dry in winter. Whats the best lip balm besides vaseline?

labello4 more info visit.www.labello.commust visit do it nowsee ur self rite nowits soooooooooooooooooimportant to ur lipsgopamper urself with the best nature can offer. She just loves natural ingr... Read More »