What's the best way to get a sunburn on your face to fade quickly?

Answer The best and quickest way is to massage as thoroughly as you are able with olive oil. It is a natural healer contains many essential nutrients that heal and restore and is a perfect natural moistur... Read More »

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Whats the Best way to Soothe a Bad Sunburn I have tried soothing Gel.?

Put canned evaporated milk on and let it soak in. The next morning your burn will be a tan.

How to Fade a Tan on Your Face?

If you have gotten a bit too much sun, the result can be a tan on your face. All tans will eventually fade. As dead skin cells slough off, so will your tan. However, if you wish to hasten the proce... Read More »

How to Fade Age Spots on Your Face?

Age spots are usually a result of years of sun damage. They usually make a person look older and more self-conscious as a result. The good news is that there are several treatment methods that yiel... Read More »

How to Make Your Face Mask for Sunburn?

A sunburn on your face isn't just unsightly, it's also uncomfortable and can result in long-term skin damage. The best treatment is prevention, such as using sunscreen, wearing hats and limiting yo... Read More »