Whats the best way to get a best answer?

Answer 5. Be honest, polite and supportive.4. Write a good answer with more info than the asker wanted. 3. Back up your answer with links. 2. Try to answer at the asker's level of knowledge..1. Avoid Wi... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my eye plz answer urgent plz :)?

It sounds as if you have scratched the cornea. This can be painful and is also an invitation for bacteria which is an invitation for infection. You need to go to your medical doctor and get on an a... Read More »

If drink is the answer whats the question....?

Whats Wrong With My Ankle 5 Stars To Best Answer!!?

You need an x-ray of your ankle. Keep it still ---- by moving it aroundyou could be doing more damage. I suggest you do this as soon aspossible to rule out a fracture.

Whats hottterr on a girl guyss answer :)?

short hair or long hairnormal nailsno make up or very littlei don't know the difference. =\ no piercing!!!lipglossstraight hairboth.