What's the best way to educate bilingual children?

Answer I suggest that you continue to use both English and Spanish so that your child will remain bilingual. Make sure that you have lots of reading material in your home, in both languages, so that your... Read More »

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How to Raise Bilingual Children?

Raising a bilingual or a polyglot (one who knows more than two languages) child in a monolingual country can be challenging, but learning an extra language is easier during childhood, when the huma... Read More »

How to Educate Your Children?

Invest in your child's education, you can't rely on the Education System.

Games to Educate Children?

Educational games help to support other, more structured, educational activities. These games encourage the child to learn in a fun and natural environment. These games also help the child learn to... Read More »

How to Educate Low Income Children?

To educate low-income children, you must think outside the box. Uncover the external factors that exist in low-income homes that limit the child's ability to perform the tasks required to achieve a... Read More »