Whats the best way to clean the inside of a rollerball mouse?

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What's the best way to clean the roller bars inside a mouse when they get sticky with dust?

I use a toothpick to "chip" off the stuff, then rub down with rubbing alcohol.Don't forget to clean off the ball itself with the alcohol and a cloth or napkin.

How do I get rid of a mouse or squirrel inside a wall?

No Damage to DrywallFind the exact spot where the animal is stuck by using a stethoscope and listening. Once you have identified exactly where the mouse or squirrel is, find the correlating spot in... Read More »

Cleaning the inside of a computer mouse?

You need a star head screw drive, and a typical mouse it screwed using a single screw!So unscrew it, and just blow the dust out :)

Ants inside my keyboard and mouse. What should I do?

in the old days, dry cleaning fluid was what was used to clean electronic equipment... i think i heard they required a new chemical away from chlorofluorocarbons, i don't know if the new chemical ... Read More »