Whats the best way to change my thought energy to positive?

Answer The Homeopathic remedy AURUM MET(Gold) in 30C or 200 potency will make your thoughts positive and you will feel relaxed and full of bright happy thoughts totally without any side effects or complic... Read More »

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Positive Thought & Plant Growth?

Most people believe positive thought holds some amount of power. Numerous phrases reflect that mindset, including "Where there's a will, there's a way." The general idea is "you can do anything you... Read More »

Thought my pregnancy test was negative now its positive, help?

Hey littleI'd say you have to get another test. If you haveve tested very early then a faint line may appear due to the level of HCG (pregnancy hormone) still being relatively low. Also, you shou... Read More »

I Thought Wikipedia Was Really Reliable But Whats This All About?

Wikipedia is usually reliable. However it is written by members of the public and usually the content is moderated by members of Wikipedia although this article obviously hasn't. Someone must hav... Read More »

When is the earliest your breasts can leak colostrum I was told to squeeze my nipples when I thought I was pregnant and something came out but the prgnancy tests are coming out negative and positive.?

Answer if one test is coming out positive, then you should go and see your doctor. The first one may have come out negative if you took it too soon. if you've never breast fed before, then really... Read More »