What's the best way to avoid a hangover?

Answer Personally, I just drink about 1 glass of water per drink I had (more if I was doing shots) right before I go to bed.Oh and don't drink 7/8 of a 26er of Absolute (40% proof) half a bottle of premix... Read More »

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How to avoid a hangover?

drink a glass of water for every drink you have before you go to sleep that night (or morning, depending on how long you party)a hangover is just dehydration...drink enough water so that you feel l... Read More »

How to avoid another terrible hangover?

Drink plenty of water during the drinking every now and then between shots....drink a bottle of water. Eat before you start drinkng and eat again before you pass out after drinking. Dri... Read More »

Whats the best medicine for a hangover?

Before you sleep, drink a huge glass of water (alcohol dehydrates you). Then when you wake eat toast and jam (bring your blood sugar up), more water/tea and twoparacetomol. Also, eat something be... Read More »

Whats the best way to cure a hangover?

I read this once in a magazine and it really helps. Pedialyte!!!! I'm sure you have heard of it. It's the drink you give to children when they are sick from dehydration. Which for us partiers is a ... Read More »