Whats the best way to apply eyedrops?

Answer The best way to Apply eyedrops and its tested ..1) ley on your back2) close your eyes3) 2 drops of eyedrops on the edge of your eye ( near the nose )4 ) open your eyesand you are done try it and ch... Read More »

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Eyedrops for debris in eye?

I'd suggest that before you have any permanent damage, you see an Ophthalmologist to make sure there's no infection in your eye. If the normal things like water and eye drops have done no good, you... Read More »

Are otc eyedrops just as effective as patanol?

The generic name of Patanol is olopatadine. It is also the active ingredient in Pataday, which contains twice the dose per drop and is also available by prescription from your doctor. Olopatadine... Read More »

Is it safe to use eyedrops while pregnant?

How to Insert Eyedrops if You Are Visually Impaired?

If you are blind or visually impaired, inserting eyedrops can be a difficult task. Here is how to do it without any aids or someone doing it for you. (Yes you can do it with only your hands)!