Whats the best way of removing your own teeth?

Answer YOu could do what Tom Hanks did in "Cast Away"can you find a dentist who will yank it?

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Removing all four 2nd molar teeth?

Did you get a second opinion from another dentist? It doesn't make sense a dentist will extract molars that are not bad and HAVE to come out. Don't like that. I would see someone else and see what ... Read More »

Removing Teeth & Dental Insurance?

Many types of dental insurance exist: indemnity plans, DHMOs, fee-for-service plans among them. A dental plan may or may not cover tooth extractions. Each plan varies according to company, and als... Read More »

A question about removing teeth that have amalgam fillings?

Yes, they can be pulled out just like a tooth that doesn't have them. The only problems they may have is if the tooth is really heavily filled and they may be more liable to break while being extra... Read More »

Should putting in braces require removing 4 teeth?

AnswerI had 4 teeth pulled out when I needed braces. DO NOT DO IT! Your face will never be the same when they come off. Your cheeks will sink in and your whole mouth will be pushed back and you wil... Read More »