Whats the best way of loosing weight no pills or patches please.?

Answer There is no secret. Eat right, eat less, and work out. Every one wants a quick fix but there just isn't one. Eat right and get moving.

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I am overweight and want to lose weight. Will i be able to carry out sprints with same speed on loosing weight?

You will be able to get much faster as you lose weight. No guarantee as to how fast you'll be compared to your peers though.

What is the best Diet pills I can use to lose weight fast?

I think the mentality of trying to lose weight fast will only get you in trouble, but the only diet pill I've ever tried that I had some results with, was the free 2 week sample of Alli and I can t... Read More »

Why am I not loosing weight?

It's really important that you eat every 3 hours, obviously not huge meals but at least a piece of fruit or a handful of raw nuts etc. inbetween meals. I know everyone says this but it's very true,... Read More »

Loosing weight for diabetics?

First thing you need to do is eat four or five small meals a day and exercises. this will work if you don't over eat