Whats the best way 2 clean my comp keyboard?

Answer just go outside of balcony and shake it upside that don't do the trick. use a wet towel or Qtipdont even waste money on compressed air (althought it works) for the price you pay for your... Read More »

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Any Version will work. The new one just means that it has fixed some buggs in the programming and is a little faster. Whatever version works for you.Limewire doesn't have viruses. The files you dow... Read More »

Whats a better picture (resolution)a dvd player output on composite or s video or vga from comp. w/dvd playr?

composite (Red Green Blue) then S-Video then VGA

Have you ever took of keys on the keyboard to clean up keyboard ?

The easiest way to really thoroughly clean a keyboard, and this sounds strange, put it in the dishwasher. Seriously. Put it on the TOP rack, as it will melt on the bottom one. When it's done, yo... Read More »

What is the best way to clean my comp monitor screen?

Do NOT use:Tissues - they will break up and leave fibers on the screen.Paper towels - they are abrasive.Dish detergent - this too is abrasive.Use a soft cloth (cotton or microfiber) dampened with a... Read More »