Whats the best water filtration system?

Answer pur 2 stage is best. better than even the faucet mount 3 stage which can conflict with the tap water.

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How to Test Your Water Filtration System?

In recent years, there has been a growing concern over drinkable water and its contents. Drinking water that is contaminated or impure can lead to greater risks of cancer and illnesses. Fortunately... Read More »

Do you need a water softener if you use an iron filtration system?

Iron filtration systems focus solely on removing iron components from water. Water softeners, however, remove a variety of minerals from hard water--including iron particles. If your water contains... Read More »

Are there any simple water filtration systems, like PUR or Brita, that can be used for well water?

You won't know what kind of filter you need until you have the water tested to find out which minerals or contaminants are present. There are iron and sediment filters which can be put on the line... Read More »

What Is Filtration in the Excretory System?

Blood is a complex soup of cells, proteins, small chemical molecules and, of course, water. The excretory system has the job of filtering out chemicals that the body doesn't need, as well as excess... Read More »