Whats the best vegetarian meal to order at an indian takeaway?

Answer Chickpea Patia or Mattar Paneer.……

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Will i be able to order a vegetarian meal here?

I'm going for an indian meal tonight. any suggestionson what i can order?

The best way to eat chicken is tandoori chicken, or of you prefer it off the bone, chicken tikka.Order some raitha, which is a cold yoghurt dish, and helps in case you get something too spicy - tas... Read More »

When did you last have a Chinese takeaway and which is your favourite meal?

Funny story about that...We went there with a couple of friends and wanted the couples meal but hadnt ordered yet and they brought out our meal...???We were like well mabe they(other friedns at oth... Read More »

What is the healthiest meal from a chinese takeaway?

Check out this table of calories…