Whats the best type of fake tan.?

Answer Spray tans are amazing. Go to a local tanning salon for a consultation. They usually last a few weeks and don't cause skin damage like a tanning bed!

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Whats the best way to fake sick?

stomach ache. just keep running to the bathroom like you keep taking a #2

Whats the best type of Tea?

Whats the best type of camera for nature photogrqphy?

Nature photography is a relatively large speciality. The "best" tool for the job often depends on the job you want to do.For landscapes where capturing detail is important, but speed is not, most ... Read More »

Whats the best type of cigarettes that are smooth & strong?

American spirits light blue. pack roll the cig. between your finger n lossen it up a bit for best flavor.will probably be light headed half way threw save the rest for next time you need a smoke. ... Read More »