Whats the best type of asian food out there ex: eggroll, orange chicken..?

Answer As U did not mention type of Asian Food... I just choose some Indonesian, Peranakan and Indian dish...1) Soto Ayam – Authentically Indonesian, this earthy and complex soup of chicken and peanuts ... Read More »

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Is there another name for Orange Chicken?

Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe…

What's the best Asian food?

Whats your favorite type of food?

I like a lot of different food:Mexican: chicken quesadilla, menudo, adobo, etc.Italian: chicken parm, angel hair pasta, calamari ala mamaSea Food: crab or fish with ginger and scallion (steamed)... Read More »

Where is the best asian food restaurant you've been to?

A place called the Elk Lodge in Colorado up in the mountains. It was a house made into a restaraunt, and the food was sublime.