What's the best toothpaste, for coffee drinkers?

Answer Actually, consumer reports just did a study on whitening toothpastes. They found that the cheaper brand, Ultrabrite whitening toothpaste worked better than the top brands.

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Who would win in a war between tea drinkers and coffee drinkers?

Tea of course, it got us through the war didn't it??

Why don't coffee drinkers grow their own coffee?

If you want good tasting coffee you need germinable arabica beans or else an plant, and then you need to live at high altitude in a hot climate, and typical coffee climates have extremely high rain... Read More »

Coffee drinkers out there?

Buy honey directly from forest (i.e.,)from the honey collected area.It will be available in low cost.

Survey for coffee drinkers?

I do both too. Sometimes I set the coffee pot the night before and take my coffee with me in a big mug. Other times I just stop at Circle K and get it there.