What's the best toothpaste?

Answer colgate total :)answer mine?;…

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Whats the best toothpaste?

Crest clinical protection for gum health!

Whats the best thing for getting rid of spots ive been trying to use toothpaste and tea tree facial rub..?

How about trying some actual acne medication, instead of things based on silly stories that children tell each other? The stories come from the same children who spread lies like you can't get preg... Read More »

Whats the kind of toothpaste you use?

I love crest toothpastes, especially the new crest whitening with scope.No toothpaste is really much better than another. As long as it has fluoride in it, it is good. It all comes down to person... Read More »

Best toothpaste?

They're all about the same. Some have whitening, some have anti-tarter, some taste like chocolate mint. As long as it has fluoride and the ADA seal of approval it's fine to use. Anything above that... Read More »