Whats the best thing to put on a third degree burn pleaze help?

Answer Cool water to reduce the pain and take the heat out.It's not a 3rd degree burn if you have pain. It's a 2nd degree. Don't burst the bubble. And if it's a large area, like your whole hand or even pa... Read More »

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Whats the best thing to put on a burn?

run it under cold running water and then put on some lotion or ointment

Whats the best thing to heal a burn?

If you can get your hands on silvadene cream it's good on those types of burns. Or A&D ointment or aquaphor are also good, something to keep it from sticking to the bandage. Keep it clean by washin... Read More »

Best thing to put on an open second degree but small burn?

If you can't get any Silver Sulvadene, then try putting on some Vitamin E oil. Its helped me in the past.

Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?

Actually, the ice can burn to 3rd degree. Especially easily done with one of those ice packs or gel ice packs attached to the injury with nothing between that and skin. It happened to a nurse I kno... Read More »