Whats the best thing to help heal a black eye?

Answer a slab of raw meat :)

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Whats the best thing to heal a burn?

If you can get your hands on silvadene cream it's good on those types of burns. Or A&D ointment or aquaphor are also good, something to keep it from sticking to the bandage. Keep it clean by washin... Read More »

What is the best thing to use on a cut that won't heal?

super glue- don't laugh it really does workdeodorant even works on helping with the pain The best thing to do however is to see a doctor to make sure there is no infection that you can't see.

Whats the fastest way to heal a Snapping Hip?

Many people have a snapping hip with no pain, which doesn't necessarily even need medical treatment. I had that for a while after being sidelined with a back problem. Some routine exercising cured ... Read More »

Whats goes well with a black dress, i really dont want to wear a black shoe?

Red red red!Or white. Or cream. Any colour will work with black if you accessorize all the same colour (bag, shoes, hair etc)Hollie xo