Whats the best thing to do when your 6 weeks along and very constipated?

Answer Answer Naturally, eat more ruffage, green veggies, dark leaf lettuces. You can do fiberous mixes, like metamucil. Prune or apple juice. No laxatives or chalky aides.

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Been constipated for 3 Weeks but abdomen pain is gone?

If I understand your situation correctly, you are going to the bathroom now on a regular basis but the stool is hard and you have to strain to have a bowel movement. Let me suggest that you buy so... Read More »

You're 6 weeks pregnant and having cramping on and off throughout the day and night that feels like constipation but you're not constipated Is this normal?

Answer Not normal, but not uncommon, it is probably your bowels being pushed aside by your growing uterus.

Whats the best way to lose 2 in./ 10 lbs in 5 weeks?

Theres this great diet called 2468. It's where you eat 200 calories the first day, 400 the next, then 600, then 800. You lose weight super fast, WAY shorter than 5 weeks.I'm 14, I weigh 100 lbs., a... Read More »

What is this facebook status thing " 8 weeks and craving icecream"?

Its awareness of NOTHING.Jan - 1week Feb - 2weeks March- 3weeks April- 4weeks May - 6weeks June- 8weeks July- 10weeks August- 12weeks September-13wee ks October -14weeks November-16 weeks December ... Read More »