Whats the best thing to do for a scorpion bite?

Answer TreatmentRest the casualty in a comfortable position and reassure him/her. Do not let the casualty move about if agitated. Remove any venom or blood from around the wound by wiping outwards from th... Read More »

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Whats the best thing for a mosquito bite?

Whats the most effective thing to get rid of mosquito bite itching?

Saliva. Seriously.The enzymes in your saliva can work as an antihistamine for a short solution. Works just long enough to make you forget that it itches

If scorpion bite a person he will die or not?

It is hard to tell a dangerous scorpion sting from one that is harmless, all scorpion stings must be treated by a doctor. Capture the scorpion for identification if it is possible to do so safely, ... Read More »

Is ice the best thing for a dog bite?

It depends really, if the dog bite punctured deep into the skin, you're going to want to go to the nearest Emergency Room, but if the bite just slightly punctures, you should probably clean the wou... Read More »