What's the best thing to do for a pulled neck/shoulder muscle?

Answer Oh that's painful Bernie-maybe a wheatbag - usually heated in the micro then apply to your neck-otherwise some deep heat ointment or a massage-hope it soon gets better-nothing worse!

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Could have pulled your hamstring. Ice it for a day in 20 minute intervals. Then heat the next day. Take ibuprofen for pain and to decrease inflammation of the injury. Do not do things to aggravate ... Read More »

If a muscle is pulled, does that make it more susceptible to being pulled again?

I would say that unless you eliminate the cause of the original injury, you are likely to repeat it.dang, going postal, lol. get your mind out of the gutter, and back on the curb where it belongs, lol

Whats the best prank you have pulled?

When I was younger my friend peeed in a yogurt thing and then I gave it to his brother and told.him it was yoghurt and he and liked it.hahahaha

Could a pulled my pulled muscle be permanent Or if not, what could I do to help it?

No, a pulled muscle cannot be permanent. You can go for physiotherapeutic treatment to help it.