Whats the best thing for a mosquito bite?

Answer calamine lotion..

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Whats the most effective thing to get rid of mosquito bite itching?

Saliva. Seriously.The enzymes in your saliva can work as an antihistamine for a short solution. Works just long enough to make you forget that it itches

Whats the best thing to do for a scorpion bite?

TreatmentRest the casualty in a comfortable position and reassure him/her. Do not let the casualty move about if agitated. Remove any venom or blood from around the wound by wiping outwards from th... Read More »

Whats the difference between a mosquito bite and poison oak?

i think your answerers are a bit dumb in that they cant understand your question. the think with popison oak is it gets worse as time goes on. it takes a while to appear too soyou may have been in ... Read More »

Best way to relieve a mosquito bite?

The best thing fot those bites is white vinegar. It really helps with the itching. It's the only thing I have tried that truly takes away the itch itself.