Whats the best thing 4 a cold?

Answer At the first signs of a cold coming on, drink a packet of "Emergen C", take a 125 mg Echinacea caplet, 50 mg Zinc caplet, and a 650 mg Garlic caplet. Do this at least 3 times that first day as well... Read More »

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Hi i have a cold whats the best thing 4 it?

Drinks lot of water and fluids, rest and fresh air.

Whats the best way 2 get rid of a cold?

There is no way to get rid of it, however there are a lot of good ways of helping it clear up that little bit faster, or at very least make you feel better;-Drink lots of water.-Drinking hot ginger... Read More »

Whats the best cure for a cold?

there is no cure for a cold only remedies to make you feel better so just take two paracetamol

Whats the best thing to do at the weekend?

Friday night:1) Invite friends over for dinner on Saturday night2) Purchase plenty of good beer, a couple of bottles of good tequila, some nice cigars, and required groceries3) Put comfortable chai... Read More »