Whats the best speaker brand?

Answer It depends how much you want to spend. Bose and JL are clearly the front runners. I have Altec Lansing setup with 2 speakers and a sub. It sounds great. It really depends on how much you want to sp... Read More »

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Best speaker brand on the market?

To all the people just listing one brand, OR the person calling people dumb and then listing one brand.You know nothing about speakers and shouldn't even bother posting on the subject.First off, th... Read More »

What is the best speaker brand for you?

The correct answer is "whatever sounds best to you".Bose are overpriced and overhyped for the quality.Paradigm are fantastic, but kind of expensive if youdon't live in or near Canada. I loved them... Read More »

What is the best diy speaker driver brand?

It depends on what driver how your going to use them what kind of design, open baffle ported box full range monitors ribbons horn loaded etc..... also companies come out with new product all the t... Read More »

I want 5.1 pc speaker ,,, which brand is best in quality and price also....?

You want a 5.1 PC speaker which has surround sound & high definition.You don't really understand what is 5.1, do you???I'll start by clearing the ambiguity first.The nomenculture:When we talk about... Read More »