What's the best smelling cigarette?

Answer How dare you exclude cloves lol. Non-menthol Camels or non-menthol American Spirits though have the best smell pretty much. The worst and most repulsing smell is the horrible terrible cigarette of ... Read More »

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How come I now don't mind smelling cigarette smoke?

Sometimes it smells bad, depending on the cigarette brand. Sometimes it smells sooo good, though. I like a lot of different smells. Hate garlic, though. :)

Whats the best way to get rid of cigarette stains from fingers?

I guess the best answer would be stop smoking but how will that help your already stained nails, right.Well the absolute best would be to get a full manicure,but for the cheaper solution soak your ... Read More »

Whats the difference between smoking weed or any cigarette?

ciggerets when they are inhaled cause a tingaling sensation in the lungs and chest for about 5 seconds witch i guess some people like.weed when in haled cotes over the nerves and makes you feel rel... Read More »

Help my Ego E Cigarette is Leaking Liquid whats wrong?

You are sucking and not pushing the button to vaporize. Press button, wait one second, inhale, stop inhaling, release button. Blow lightly through the atomizer to blow out excess fluid, wipe the th... Read More »