What's the best seasoning for chicken, so it doesn't taste so plain?

Answer Marinate the chicken in a paste of ginger, garlic and lime, for about an hour before cooking in the fridge. When you cook this chicken with the marinade of your choice the ginger garlic paste will ... Read More »

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Have you ever put chicken seasoning on rotisserie chicken?

I once put it on a tuna fish sandwich and it tasted like chicken of the sea.

Any seasoning ideas for chicken drumsticks?

I prefer salt and pepper most of the time but Ketjap Manis, garlic and onion make a good marinade.Dune

How to Make Chicken and Rice Seasoning Mix?

Chicken and Rice.Making homemade food mixes not only saves time, but can also save money. The best thing about homemade food mixes though is that you know exactly what was put inside the box or bag.

What is Mexican chicken seasoning?

The seasonings for chicken recipes in Mexican cooking are as varied as the regions of Mexico, as well as the type of dish being prepared. The main seasoning in most chicken recipes is one or more t... Read More »