What's the best scanner for scanning my butt in High Definition?

Answer LexMark 1270 All-n-1 Color Scanner/Printer/Copier Just set it to 4800x1200 pixels, then scan ur butt and edit picture and zoom in to 400% you will be able to count the pores on ur cheeks.

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What's the best scanner for scanning high quality photographs?

Scanner error shows waiting on scanner not scanning?

HiThose HP scanjet are fussy LOL..Un-install all the software. Now power on the scanner but remove the USB cable from it. Now install and let the software tell you when to plug the USB .At one poin... Read More »

My scanner is scanning oddly?

If you've tried the contrast, brightness, etc... settings with no change, you may have a defective scanner. Call Epson tech support to see what they say. Have you tried different scan resolution se... Read More »

Is it dangerous to look at a a scanner while it is scanning?

If you have to ask if it ruined your eyesight, then chances are it didn't. Then again, sometimes it doesn't show up immediately.My old employer was melting gold. It was my first day, so I asked if ... Read More »