What's the best scam ever invented by a Brooklyn Heights NY camera "store"?

Answer While "technically" not bait & switch, a lot of the Brooklyn stores do the "you need to call for verification" bit... where after you place an order, you get an e-mail "requiring" you to call to ve... Read More »

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Whats the best way to store apples for the long haul?

My grandma kept them in sawdust or sand in the root cellar. We were still eating apples in the spring.


Whats the best tip you ever heard?

That if my dog is digging up all my plants, if I bury some of his feces around the plant, he will stop.Saved me many hundreds of dollars at the nursery.Oops, I see your question wasn't related to h... Read More »

Best way to store camera memory?

Hi Robert,I suggest you use separate Memorycards for each device.This will spread the risk of loosing data. Cards are cheap and a trip to Europe is not something you'll do every year, I suppose.I'm... Read More »