What's the best scam ever invented by a Brooklyn Heights NY camera "store"?

Answer While "technically" not bait & switch, a lot of the Brooklyn stores do the "you need to call for verification" bit... where after you place an order, you get an e-mail "requiring" you to call to ve... Read More »

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How can I know without a doubt an online store or seller is reputable and not a scam?

i'm not really sure if there is any way to know for certain. the best thing to do is get a prepaid credit card, nothing you use all the time, just one you can put a few dollars on and then throw aw... Read More »

Is Magic jack a scam Whats the deal How much does it cost?

The Magicjack is a Voip (Voice over internet protocol) device. It plugs into the USB port of a computer. The computer needs to be on and connected to a high speed connection. Each one will have it'... Read More »


Bodies ;-)edit - just clocked jasmines answer, check old phil (top contributors) answers what a swizz seriously phil and phils bird whats the point eh? you know you cant buy anything with the points?

Whats a funny name for a flower store?