What's the best remedy for reading a creepypasta story?

Answer I just recovered from my last horrible, horrible creepypasta addiction.It's back.I read a bunch of stories and saw a bunch of's so fun during the day,but at night....first, start by b... Read More »

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Whats the best remedy for a headache?

sex. :) .. but if thats not available.. you might want to take some Tylenol and try to get some sleep.

Whats the Best Remedy for a Cough [Bad] UK?

buy honey and lemons, slice the lemons, add honey, according to taste, then add boiling water.

Whats the best natural remedy for insomnia?

The best natural remedy for insomnia I've found is Dr. Dave's Sleep Wizard (just plug those terms into a search engine to find it). Basically, it's a mixture of melatonin, GABA and some other stuf... Read More »

Whats the best home remedy for a headache?