Whats the best recipe for turkey leftovers?

Answer Place them carefully in the nearest rubbish bin and close the lid tightly

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Whats the best peach cobbler recipe you know?

This my recipe that I use. Place your peaches in a baking dish, I use canned peaches without the juice. For a large batch melt 1 stick of butter in the microwave, add 2 cups of brown sugar, and... Read More »

Yogurt sauce recipe for turkey wrap?

I like the cream cheese idea. I was going to suggest tzaziki sauce. It's a greek condiment made with yoghurt infused with cucumber. Recipes abound online. You could also add your favorite dry s... Read More »

Recipe for a good ground turkey loaf?

I usually use Quaker Oats (not the quick or instant kind) in all my turkey burgers and turkey meatloaves and in my regular meatloaves but broken up cracker and bread crumbs work fine, (fresh are be... Read More »

Can anyone suggest a good turkey Marinating recipe?

The key to a perfect turkey is something called a brine. It's basically a saltwater mixture with spices and sugar of some sort. This incorporates deep into the meat of the turkey, pulling in lots o... Read More »