What's the best products i can use to get light to deep scratches out of a disc?

Answer Video rental stores sometimes have scratch removal equipment, check the Yellow pages of the stores near you.

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Whats the best way to get extemely deep down dirt out of a linoleum floor?

Hot water and ammonia. Spread it on, let it sit for a minute then mop up. The ammonia will break down any wax residue that's on the floor that may be holding onto the dirt, keeping the linoleum d... Read More »

Im in alot of pain cuz of a deep cut on my finger, whats the best medicine to take the pain away?

Ibuprofen (Advil) is a good choice, but also, elevate your hand above the level of your heart. This will reduce swelling and lower the pressure within, lessening the pain.

How to Fix Deep Scratches in a Black Car?

Deep scratches in a black car are extremely noticeable and tough to repair, but not impossible. The thing that makes deep car scratches difficult is the body shop may charge you much more to fix th... Read More »

How to Repair Deep Car Scratches?

Deep scratches in a car are unsightly and can be openings for rust to develop, leading to a much bigger and costlier problem. However, every scratch doesn't mean a trip to the auto body shop and an... Read More »