What's the best private student loan w/o a cosigner?

Answer Without a cosigner you will have NO chance of getting a private loan. You would have better luck getting dad to give you his tax info so you can do the fafsa. Any private loan will have an inters... Read More »

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Is there any way to receive a private student loan w/out having a job or cosigner I only need around$6,000?

no it's not possible unless you have a cosigner. even if you get a job, it has to pay $20k/year to get a loan without a cosigner.

Is there a way that i can get a private student loan if i have bad credit & no cosigner?

As long as you have some credit, good or bad, you stand a chance at getting a student loan. However, with poor credit and no cosigner, your interest right will be very high. If you definitely canno... Read More »

I need a private student loan (didnt qualify for fafsa) without a cosigner(ALL relatives have bad credit).?

Like Found-1 above me said, ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can qualify for a federal student loan through fafsa, even with bad credit. Federal student loans do not go by credit anyways. If you did the faf... Read More »

If I die, will my cosigner (mom) still have to pay my private loan?

Yes, if you die your PRIVATE loan will have to be repaid by your cosigner. It doesn't matter how you die, or even if you haven't graduated yet. The other posters are right. The lenders just wan... Read More »