Whats the best plasma or lcd?

Answer I have a pioneer plasma cost me $6000, I did allot of research and found that the high end TV,s are Plasma it's like Mac and a PC , they both do very much the same thing but at the end of the day i... Read More »

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Whats best Plasma or LCD.?

They both have their ups and downs but being an owner of a Plasma I would tell you to go with LCD. Plasma tvs get really, really hot. It heats up my apartment quite a bit.But I heard LCDs aren't'... Read More »

Whats the Best Tv to buy TFT or Plasma ?

Well I am not sure what a TFT tv is but the best tv is an LCD. We went shopping around last year and everyone we talked to said that LCD was the best and last the longest with the best picture. We ... Read More »

Whats the best quality, LCD or Plasma?

LCDs ABSOLUTELY have a lifespan on their screen, the same way that Plasmas do. I don't know who gave someone the idea that it isn't so. LCD's DO last longer than Plasmas, however the longer life is... Read More »

Whats best LCD or Plasma TV's?

great answers , but i would say it depends on your particular situation. what size you want. how much glare you have in the room, what your primary use of the tv is. and what your budget is. -it ha... Read More »