What's the best place for a first date?

Answer 1. dinner and a movie!2. yankee or met baseball game then to p.j. clark's for drinks and/or eats

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WHAT is the best place to take your first date?

A fun, interactive place- no movies!

Where is the best place to go on a date?

Haha I love how you post this in the Phoenix Arizona section and everyone is saying the beach! LMAO. The closet thing we have to a beach is Lake Pleasant. Being from Phoenix, I would say a nice pla... Read More »

Where is the best place to go on a first date?

I tend to like something like the zoo or a sporting event. That way, you automatically have something to talk about, and you also don't HAVE to talk all the time because there's other stuff going o... Read More »

Where Is a Good place For a First Date?

go to an arcade, or miniature golf place... something public, and not dark. The girl will feel safer that way... You could take her bowling... you could take her for ice cream, and window shopping... Read More »