What's the best non-meaty meat to sneak my wife?

Answer ah ha ha.... nice. tell her there's a new tofu product that actually looks a tastes like meat and give her steak and anyone that says the stuff available now is pretty close is living in delerium

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Other than going to the ER, what is the best way of removing a crossbow bolt from the meaty part of my thigh?

Don't pull it out, push it through.It helps if you pour gunpowder around, and on, the bolt and spark it off when you pull it through.Since you just pulled a flaming rod through your leg, you just m... Read More »

Should my wife eat meat again now that shes pregnant?

If she wants to eat meat, that's up to her. But there's no reason why she can't have a healthy baby on a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian friend of mine recently had a baby (at 50 years of age). She d... Read More »

Whats the cure for a nagging wife?

A kind, gentle husband who treats her well and speaks to her softly without ignoring her. A man who understands that certain things are important to her, so he tries to find the time to attend to ... Read More »

Whats the fastest way to safely defrost meat?