"What's the best method for removing massive amounts of chest hair?

Answer Laser hair removal. It is permanent and not uncomfortable.Did Lucy have too much hair. Is that why you deleted her? LOL(((Beano))) Have a hairless blessed day.Kait

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What would you recommend doing for massive amounts of pop-up windows?

Turn on your pop up blockerdownlaod and run ad-aware, will delete the ones that get thru

What are the health benefits of massive amounts of coffee?

It helps keep your metabolism up and it's a decent source of antioxidants.Plus, it keeps you awake so you can earn a living and keep yourself fed, clothed and housed. Eating and being protected fro... Read More »

Removing Bead Method Hair Extensions?

The bead method of hair extension is often known as "cold fusion" or by proprietary names such as Euro Locs and is one of the most popular strand-by-strand extension methods that utilize I-tip hair... Read More »

Natural Method of Removing Yellow From White Hair?

Natural white hair can be stunning, unless it has a yellow cast to it. Silver and gray hair can have a yellowish cast to it as well, but the causes and remedies are the same as for pure white hair... Read More »