Whats the best make-up tips for a teen?

Answer • Make SURE your foundation/concealer/powder matches your skin.• Concealer needs to be under your eyes if you have darks circles, covering redness around your nose and mouth, and on blemishes o... Read More »

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Whats your best SECRETE make-up tips ever?

Well since i have exremely red skin (w/ pimples) its very hard to cover it up without leaving a red tint. I am able to apply makeup with it being ONE TONE with my secretFirst, i use neutrogena. b... Read More »

Make-up tips for a teen.?

Many girls dream of going to school looking hotter than ever. It is important that girls learn to wear makeup right. It should be appropriate for their age, for daytime and for a casual school sett... Read More »

What tips would you give a teen ager [12-16] about make up ?

The best tip I can give is to take care of your skin. The makeup does horrible things to a girl's face. I'd get her a bottle of Dove Foaming Cleanser and teach her how to properly cleanse and moist... Read More »

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