Whats the best make of Sony digital video camera recorder?

Answer The HVR-V1U is a good brand for Sony's digital video camera recorder. This is just one of many that Sony carries and all are very good products. Check with any retailer that sells Sony for more inf... Read More »

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Where to purchase sony digital video camera recorder?

You can purchase a sony digital video camera recorder at many locations. Your best options are amazon and eBay as they offer the best discounts and prices.

How do I download video from my Digital Video Camera recorder(AG-DVX100) to my MacBook Pro?

Hi. You first need software on your MacBook to "talk to" your video camera. There are several applications that will work fine. Some are inexpensive and may already be on your computer (iMovie, ... Read More »

Does the Sony CCD-TRV318 video camera recorder take a USB cable?

The Sony CCD-TRV318 Handycam is a Hi-8 tape-based camcorder. It does not have a USB or Firewire connection, because it stores analog video and does not generate a digital signal.References:Sony: CC... Read More »

Does Sony make the best video camera?

That depends on the consumers opinion. Many people also like different brands of video cameras. While sony is a very trusted and common brand there are many new and upcoming others that you should ... Read More »