What's the best lip piercing to start with ?

Answer Whatever you feel suits you best or whichever one you like and feel comfortable with.I like the one on the bottom,off to the right.Good luck.

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Whats the most unattractive piercing to you?

None of them bother me on anyone else. I personally don't like piercings on myself (I'm a tattoo person), but if someone wants to express themselves, and realizes the pros and cons of the said pie... Read More »

Whats the safest way of piercing my own ear?

there isnt one unless you call infections "safe"

Whats a bottom lip piercing called?

Snake bites are two piercings, one on each side. You're talking about spider bites, which are two next to each other.

Want to get fit again when my kids start school. Whats the best way to start?

My friend had three below age five. She prepared the food for them and made everything from scratch. She didn't run. She jumped rope on her patio. If you can run up and down hills, that would b... Read More »