What's the best laptop for a teenager?

Answer VERY good question.My answer will be part "consumer" based and the other part will be realistic:Looking out for the consumer answer: ^_^'1st thing to consider is the technical support/warranty tha... Read More »

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Whats the best area of Australia for a teenager?

That sounds like just about every major capital city in Australia. I am sure whatever decision your parents make, it will be the right one.

Do you think its right for a teenager to have laptop with internet?

if theres no firewall and antispyware/adware then yes its easy to hack into it. shes 17 it perfectly fine and if you have the means for it then yea she should have it.

My laptop is really Hot- Whats going on?

that's prob cuz u got a pretty lady on the screen.

Whats better a better laptop, Mac or PC?

Compatibility problems between Mac and PC are less these days, but they are still there. Realize that most of your professors and friends will be using PC's. It's not a huge problem anymore, but ... Read More »