What's the best kind of paper (weight/gloss) to print double-sided?

Answer This may be just the type of paper that you are looking for and can possibly be obtained locally. i.e. Staples, Office Depot etc.

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URGENT!! Whats the best Sollution to use to remove the remains of double sided Adhesive?

I concur. WD40 is the stuff. Then a bit of warm water with detergent (eg fairy liquid) to wash away the oily residue.

How to Print Double Sided?

Most home printers require an attachment called a "duplexer" for double-sided printing. However, it's easy to manually print double-sided pages on any printer, just by reinserting the sheets in the... Read More »

How to Print a Double-Sided PDF?

Portable Document Format files are found on several platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. The files let you embed graphics, charts, text and pictures. You can even include hyperlinks, so you... Read More »

How to Print Double Sided on Adobe?

Adobe makes several products that allow you to print on both sides of the paper. These include Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Acrobat, Illustrator and InDesign. The key to double-sided printing lie... Read More »