Whats the best kind of cigarettes?

Answer No cigarette is a good one buddy...but if you must, make it a newport. dont skip out of quality of cancer.

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Whats the point of smoking cigarettes?

It usually starts with peer pressure then people keep doing it because they get addicted. Some people are also self-medicating for anxiety because cigarettes have a calming effect but there are WAY... Read More »

Whats the best type of cigarettes that are smooth & strong?

American spirits light blue. pack roll the cig. between your finger n lossen it up a bit for best flavor.will probably be light headed half way threw save the rest for next time you need a smoke. ... Read More »

What kind of cigarettes should i smoke?

I feel my answer is going to be as helpful as the anti smoking crowd telling you not to smoke but it's really up to you to find something you like.