What's the best kind of chocolate?

Answer Dark chocolate is the best and is the best for you. Many people do not like it because it has less sugar than other chocolates. It tends to lower blood pressure and also contains anit-oxidants.Mi... Read More »

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What kind of chocolate is used in a Sephra chocolate fountain?

Sephra claims to have three different types of chocolate available for use with its chocolate fountains. The highest quality option is Belgian chocolate, which is imported from Europe. The premium ... Read More »

What kind of chocolate is used in a chocolate fountain?

According to the Chocolate Cioccolata website, chocolate used in chocolate fountains needs to contain a lot of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter makes the chocolate flow over the tiers better. Chocolatier... Read More »

Whats you favorite chocolate?

Chocolate martini's!!!! for a bar, i like 3 musketeers, KING SIZE caramello and heath. Cadbury milk chocolate is good too

Whats your favorite chocolate?

If you mean type then definitely dark chocolate. Guilt free but the yummiest too (so a win-win) if you're talking brand of Chocolate bar I love Cherry Ripes. I'm not sure if they're sold outside Au... Read More »