Whats the best internet for around $30 ?

Answer In my area, that wouldn't get you internet from anybody but the library.

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Whats the best computer on this site for around $1000?

for this computers specs and price i would go with this one:PCI73770-Z68P-GT630INTEL STANDARD SYSTEM Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz

Whats The Best Software To Use To Play Around With Digital Photos?

www.gimp.commost of the functionality of photoshop with none of the cost.with this... www.gimpshop.comit even looks pretty much like photoshop.

Whats the best internet browser?

I'd definitely go for Firefox Mozilla. Google Chrome is newer but I used them for sometime and then didn't find them as good as Firefox. The latest Firefox version 6 rocks in terms of features and ... Read More »

Whats the best internet plan?

time warner cable is cheap. about 30 dollars each month for the first year and the about 40-50 dollars after a year