Whats the best internet for around $30 ?

Answer In my area, that wouldn't get you internet from anybody but the library.

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Whats Wi-Fi is it free internet or something?

Wi-Fi or wireless lan is a way of receiving the internet wirelessly (without cables) you can only receive free WIFI when you are in a wireless enabled place like McDonald's or on a train. otherwise... Read More »

Whats the best internet browser?

I'd definitely go for Firefox Mozilla. Google Chrome is newer but I used them for sometime and then didn't find them as good as Firefox. The latest Firefox version 6 rocks in terms of features and ... Read More »

Whats the best site on the internet? (best site for free games at least).

Whats the best option for me Internet and tv?

Panasonic Plasma 42" LCD is my forth Panasonic HD (all are still in use) so I was not looking to spend alot of money. Got this from Sears today for $500. The picture is great for cable TV. You wou... Read More »